Creative, Sadistic & Strict Domina. A natural born Top/Domme with loads of professional session experience in and out of a dungeon. I began this journey in the mid 1990s after meeting a domme at a rave in LA who invited me to work at the dungeon she worked at. The name of the place was Bizarre Funhouse which later became Pandaemonia after a move to West Hollywood. It was a fun few years for sure and I adored most of the ladies working there…still friends with a couple of them to this day! Lots of stories from those years! I have been a real-time session Domme ever since. This passion for Domination is a fire burning hot within Me. I will continue as long as possible.

I hold the key to your suffering

I am seeking individuals who wish to submit & serve, to experience my various training methods, sensation play, sensory play/overload, sub-space, limits edged & pushed etc. I need for you to put yourself at my feet, follow my lead, do as instructed, to trust me. I like to hear what you are into and then tailor an exquisite session incorporating both our needs. Go ahead, apply for a chance to experience my brand of deviant decadence. I have many subjects/devotees from many years of professional session play here on the central coast and in LA. My lair is clean & well stocked with a variety in tools of the trade. My experience and ease of total control are immediately understood. All applicants must be gentlemanly or lady-like if you are a femme. Be respectful in how you address me. The moment you desire to make contact I want you to think about My position vs yours and act accordingly. Take a look at the most recent pics of me to get a feel of my chosen look. I enjoy a vintage, retro 1940s-50s alternative style. I like leather, corsets, seamed stockings, boots, heels, red lipstick, Thierry Mugler Angel scent, fancy hair, your jewels in my tight grip. I prefer one-on-one sessions within my lair. I am not into public meets unless it is a BDSM function. If you find yourself itching to serve Me then best get cracking!

Moments before a session …
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